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Showmen's League of America - St. Louis has been a chapter of the Showmen's League since 1965.  After losing their clubhouse to a file in the 70's, St. Louis decided not to rebuild.  Times were changing and the year round attendance did not justify the expenses.  Therefore the entire format of  SLA-St. Louis was restructured.   Today, the club meets three times a year:

  1. Winter meeting - February in Gibsonton, FL
  2. Spring Meeting - April in Belleville, IL
  3. Banquet - Fall in St. Louis, MO

The one and only priority of the club is to provide scholarships for deserving young people in the industry.  The program was officially started in 1980 with one scholar.  Since then, through the hard work of the officers, board and members, it has grown to assist over 100 scholars.

St. Louis is honored to have a Memorial Scholarship program in place.  These scholarships are maintained by the shows or families of past members/friends to honor their memory while supporting the club and the scholarship program.  SLA-St. Louis greatly appreciate the Memorial Scholarships and will assist anyone interested in setting up a Memorial Scholarship for your loved one.

Show KidsShow Kids of America is a spin off organization for the children of the industry.  It was created in 2006 and has had a wonderful year.  The excitement and involvement of the kids in fundraising and other activities has been refreshing.  They have committed $1000 a year to the scholarship program for the next four years.  The club has over 40 members from eight states.  The members are also in charge of upkeep to the St. Louis Showmen's Cemetery.  Kid's club (age 0-15) and the older Jr. Showmen Club (age 16-18) work as one to get kids in the industry "Involved Early to Make a Difference", and, of course to have fun.

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SLA St. Louis
Phil Tomber
2311 Chestnut St.
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